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BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to assess how authors of systematic reviews (SRs) with meta-analyses published in periodontology and implant dentistry evaluate risk of bias (ROB) in primary studies included in these reviews. MATERIAL/METHODS A literature search for SRs with meta-analyses was performed in PubMed and Cochrane library(More)
OBJECTIVES A study was conducted in Lima, Peru, from January to April 1995, to determine the bacterial pathogens associated with acute diarrhea in adults, their susceptibility to common antimicrobials, the risk factors involved in cholera transmission, and the best clinical predictors of cholera. METHODS A random sample of adult patients with acute(More)
Estrus synchronization induces cows to gather in sexually active groups (SAGs) composed of females displaying mounting activity. Although this technique promotes the enhancement of sexual behavior, there are cows in estrus (CE) that delay estrus expression and also cows not displaying estrus (CNDE) even in the presence of a preovulatory follicle (PF). To(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the survival rates of titanium dental implants placed using split crest procedures for alveolar ridge expansion. MATERIALS AND METHODS The MEDLINE, CENTRAL, and OpenGrey databases were searched up to January 2015 for studies assessing implants that had been placed in areas submitted to split crest procedures. Two methodologic(More)
The objective of this study was to determine if the technique of embryo transfer in cattle can be commercially feasible in a region situated in the humid tropics of Mexico. Twenty-six Bos taurus and twenty-six Bos indicus cows were estrous synchronized and superovulated to obtain a total of 80 embryos of both sub-species. Embryos were classified using(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to review and evaluate the characteristics of the 300 most-cited articles that have been published in the most important implant dentistry journals. MATERIALS AND METHODS A search and selection of the most-cited articles up to October 2014 was conducted for implant journals with the highest impact factors, according(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the risk of bias (ROB) in reports of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of animal experiments published in implant dentistry, and to explore the association between animal experiment characteristics and ROB. MATERIAL AND METHODS We searched the MEDLINE (via PubMed), SCOPUS and SciELO databases from 2010 to March 2015 for reports of(More)
It is important to evaluate the characteristics of the most cited articles in any specialty. The number of citations may be a proxy for clinical and research activity. The objectives of the present methodological study were (1) to report the characteristics of the 300 most cited articles in periodontology and (2) to explore the association of these(More)