Marco Antônio Fidalgo Amorim

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Growth and development events are observed in all organisms and can be modified by exogenous factors such as nutritional changes. Drastic morphological and functional alterations may occur during a vulnerable stage of development. The aim of this study was to investigate if malnutrition and/or fluoxetine neonatal treatment program alterations in heart(More)
To obtain further insight into the role of selenium in the development of atherosclerosis, plasma selenium and lipid parameters were determined in 126 Portuguese subjects living in the region of Lisbon, 60 women and 66 men, 20-60 years old, divided up in to three groups according to their plasma lipid profile: Group I consisted of normolipidemic subjects(More)
A protocol of physical exercise, based on maximal oxygen uptake ((.)V(O2max)), for female rats before and during pregnancy was developed to evaluate the impact of a low-protein diet on oxygen consumption during gestation and growth rate of the offspring. Virgin female Wistar rats were divided into four groups as follows: untrained (NT, n =5); trained (T, n(More)
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