Marco Andrew Njana

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A review of studies on belowground biomass (BGB) of mangroves revealed that procedures for excavation and determination of dry weight are insufficiently documented. The main objective of this study was therefore to describe procedures for quantification of tree BGB for Avicennia marina (Forssk.), Sonneratia alba J. Smith and Rhizophora mucronata Lam. The(More)
Tested on data from Tanzania, both existing species-specific and common biomass models developed elsewhere revealed statistically significant large prediction errors. Species-specific and common above- and belowground biomass models for three mangrove species were therefore developed. The species-specific models fitted better to data than the common models.(More)
Aboveground and belowground tree basic densities varied between and within the three mangrove species. If appropriately determined and applied, basic density may be useful in estimation of tree biomass. Predictive accuracy of the common (i.e. multi-species) models including aboveground/belowground basic density was better than for common models developed(More)
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