Marco Alfò

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Knowledge about the balance between heritable and nonheritable risk in multiple sclerosis (MS) is based on twin studies in high-prevalence areas. In a study that avoided ascertainment limitations and directly compared continental Italy (medium-prevalence) and Sardinia (high-prevalence), we ascertained 216 pairs from 34,549 patients. This gives a twinning(More)
The present paper presents the application of a finite mixture model (FMM) to analyze spatially explicit data on forest composition and environmental variables to produce a high-resolution map of their current potential distribution. FMM provides a convenient yet formal setting for model-based clustering. Within this framework, forest data are assumed to(More)
Longitudinal studies collect information on a sample of individuals which is followed over time to analyze the effects of individual and time-dependent characteristics on the observed response. These studies often suffer from attrition: individuals drop out of the study before its completion time and thus present incomplete data records. When the missing(More)