Marco Alessi

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This work proposes a novel methodology based on the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) standard capable of graphically modeling business rules. A set of new representation patterns allows business analysts to map processes described through BPMN into conditions and actions of business rules. Our approach exploits Domain Specific Language techniques(More)
Robotized manufacturing cells are required more and more often to process high variety of short life-cycle product. This increases the need for methods and techniques for easy reconfiguration of software programs running in programmable logic controllers (PLC), i.e., devices able to control manufacturing systems. PLCs run embedded code characterized by a(More)
Smart objects are present in our cities everywhere, thus it is becoming more and more necessary to have a connection platform, not only capable to make those objects talk with each other, but to present the results of their functions also to the citizens/users. Objective of this paper is the definition and development of a model that represents a connection(More)
This paper proposes the RTDWD (Real-time Distributed Wideband-Delphi) tool, a real-time collaborative web application for user stories estimation through the Wideband-Delphi method. RTDWD realizes, in a lightweight way, virtual meetings for a critical phase of the requirements management in distributed Agile development processes, such as Distributed(More)
The need for urban regeneration does not come only by structural requirements, but also by socio- cultural needs. What we are going to propose is the urban regeneration as a way to perceive, in a different way, the surrounding spaces allowing users to receive and provide a wide range of information on the urban environment. Each space of a city has a(More)
Value co-creation is shown to play a prominent role in performance improvement in various sectors ranging from manufacturing to service. However, its role in creating value and consequently improving the performance of service in tourist sector has not been investigated in the literature. In order to bridge this gap and considering the complex and dynamic(More)
Novel Ideas are the key ingredients for innovation processes, and Idea Management System (IMS) plays a prominent role in managing captured ideas from external stakeholders and internal actors within an Open Innovation process. Considering a specific case study, Lecce-Italy, we have designed and implemented a collaborative environment which provides an ideal(More)
Service oriented architectures (SOA) represent a recent proposal to obtain cooperation and interoperability in distributed computing environments. A challenge of SOA is services and resources discovery which can be realized both in centralized and distributed way. The distributed approach involves peer-to-peer (P2P) infrastructures supporting the knowledge(More)
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