Marco Alessi

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The present study compared personality and psychopathology profiles of veterans' wives against married women in the MMPI-2 restandardization sample. Differences in levels of distress and pathology were analyzed using the validity, clinical, and content scales of the MMPI-2. As expected, veterans' wives, when compared to restandardization wives, reported(More)
This paper proposes the RTDWD (Real-time Distributed Wideband-Delphi) tool, a real-time collaborative web application for user stories estimation through the Wideband-Delphi method. RTDWD realizes , in a lightweight way, virtual meetings for a critical phase of the requirements management in distributed Agile development processes, such as Distributed(More)
Novel Ideas are the key ingredients for innovation processes, and Idea Management System (IMS) plays a prominent role in managing captured ideas from external stakeholders and internal actors within an Open Innovation process. Considering a specific case study, Lecce-Italy, we have designed and implemented a collaborative environment which provides an ideal(More)
Value co-creation is shown to play a prominent role in performance improvement in various sectors ranging from manufacturing to service. However, its role in creating value and consequently improving the performance of service in tourist sector has not been investigated in the literature. In order to bridge this gap and considering the complex and dynamic(More)
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