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In this paper, community capacity building (CCB) is seen as part of a long-standing health promotion tradition involving community action in health promotion. The conceptual context of the term CCB is presented, and compared with other community approaches. The usage of the term is variable. It is submitted that its common features are (i) the concepts of(More)
RESUMO A saúde sexual e reprodutiva da adolescente tem gerado muita preocu-pação nas organizações de saúde na-cionais e internacionais, pelas suas repercussões físicas, psicológicas e so-ciais (1, 2). Atualmente, cerca de 10% do total de nascimentos mundiais anuais são de mães adolescentes— cerca de 14 milhões de nascimentos por ano (3). Em 1999, dados(More)
This article addresses the development of data linkage methods for the analysis of urban environmental health problems and the development of appropriate policies and discusses, based on existing experience of data linkage in São Paulo (Brazil), the potential for routine environmental health monitoring and management in a major developing country industrial(More)
All three of the interacting aspects of daily urban life (physical environment, social conditions, and the added pressure of climate change) that affect health inequities are nested within the concept of urban governance, which has the task of understanding and managing the interactions among these different factors so that all three can be improved(More)
BACKGROUND Considered as a moment of psychological vulnerability, adolescence is remarkably a risky period for the development of psychopathologies, when the choice of the correct therapeutic approach is crucial for achieving remission. One of the researched therapies in this case is electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). The present study reviews the recent and(More)
The study seeks to analyze intersectoriality from the socio-environmental perspective on health promotion. Qualitative research was conducted in six municipalities in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The data were obtained from the mapping of health promotion experiences considered successful by municipal managers, interviews with coordinators,(More)
"Experiencimetrics" is proposed as a measure of researchers' academic experience, to complement the existing measure, scientometrics, when evaluating expertise in research. The article is partly based on the author's scientific output, and explores the possibilities of analyzing impact from a qualitative perspective. A synthesis is produced, with possible(More)
Research capacities on social determinants of health in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico Capacidades de investigação sobre determinantes sociais da saúde no Brasil, Colômbia e México Resumen Objetivo: analizar las capacidades de investigación sobre determinantes sociales y determinación social de los procesos salud-enfermedad (dss) en Brasil, Colombia y México(More)
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