Marco Acutis

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Sensitivity analysis studies how the variation in model outputs can be due to different sources of variation. This issue is addressed, in this study, as an applicationof sensitivity analysis techniques to a cropmodel in the Mediterranean region. In particular, an application of Morris and Sobol’ sensitivity analysis methods to the ricemodelWARM is(More)
We evaluate modelling solutions built composing different modelling approaches. Modelling of soil temperature was the case study, evaluating modelling solutions against a multi-year, multi-location database of field recorded data. Widely used simulation packages were re-implemented using advanced techniques, and nine new modelling solutions were built(More)
The software IRENE (Integrated Resources for Evaluating Numerical Estimates) is a data analysis tool designed to provide easy access to statistical techniques for use in model evaluation. Mostly, non-replicated model estimates (Ei) are compared against non-replicated measurements (Mi). The software also allows comparing individual estimates against(More)
Crop models, like many representations of environmental processes, tend to be over-parameterised. A redesign of the SUCROS family of crop models, largely driven by sensitivity analysis, is presented here. In particular, two new versions of WOFOST, the most widespread model from this family, were developed. The first (WOFOST-GT) reduces model complexity(More)
Dynamic respiration index (DRI) is an effective respirometric method to measure the biological stability of municipal solid waste (MSW). It allows testing MSW biological stability under standardized conditions and is now used as a routine analytical method. However, the method needs to be studied for precision parameters to ensure the quality of results(More)
SEAMLESS integrated project aims at developing an integrated framework that allows ex-ante assessment of agricultural and environmental policies and technological innovations. The framework will have multi-scale capabilities ranging from field and farm to the EU25 and globe; it will be generic, modular and open and using state-of-the art software. The(More)
As GH therapy has been reported to increase growth velocity in children with Down's syndrome (DS), we studied the GH-IGF-I axis in some DS patients affected by growth retardation without serious congenital malformation, malnutrition or pathological thyroid or adrenal function. IGF-I and IGF-II were evaluated in 39 patients in basal conditions. The patients(More)
A Windows-based software tool [Analytical Method Performance Evaluation (AMPE)] was developed to support the validation of analytical methods. The software implements standard statistical approaches commonly adopted in validation studies to estimate analytical method performance (limits of detection and quantitation, accuracy, specificity, working range,(More)
To evaluate the best practices in reducing ammonia (NH3) losses from fertilised arable lands, six field trials were carried out in three different locations in northern Italy. NH3 emissions from cattle slurry were estimated considering the spreading techniques and the field incorporation procedures. The measurements were performed using long term exposure(More)