Marco A Rivarola

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CONTEXT The mechanisms of postnatal adrenal zonation remain unclear. OBJECTIVE To provide a clue for a possible role of estrogens in adrenarche, we studied the expression of estrogen receptor (ER)alpha, ERbeta, G protein-coupled receptor (GPR)30, and cP450aromatase (cP450arom) in human adrenal tissue. DESIGN Human adrenal tissue was collected from three(More)
We hypothesized that DNA methylation is involved in human adrenal functional zonation. mRNAs expression and methylation pattern of RARB, NR4A1 and HSD3B2 genes in human adrenal tissues (HAT) and in pediatric virilizing adrenocortical tumors (VAT) were analyzed. For analysis of the results samples were divided into 3 age groups according to FeZ involution,(More)
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