Marco A. Palomino

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Horizon scanning is being increasingly regarded as an instrument to support strategic decision making. It requires the systematic examination of information to identify potential threats, emerging issues and opportunities to improve resilience and decrease risk exposure. Horizon scanning can use the Web to augment the acquisition of information, though this(More)
This paper describes work performed at the University of Sunderland as part of the EU-funded VITALAS project. Text feature vectors, extracted from the TRECVID video data set, were submitted to an SVM-Light implementation of Support Vector Machine, which aimed to label each video shot with the relevant concepts from the 101-concept MediaMill set. Sunderland(More)
Horizon scanning is an increasingly important part of management decision making in all sectors. It involves the systematic search for incipient trends, opportunities and constraints that might affect the probability of achieving management goals and objectives. This requires the continuous acquisition of up-to-date information to anticipate issues, collect(More)
Evidence continues to grow supporting the idea that restorative environments, green exercise, and nature-based activities positively impact human health. Nature-deficit disorder, a journalistic term proposed to describe the ill effects of people's alienation from nature, is not yet formally recognized as a medical diagnosis. However, over the past decade,(More)
Choosing the optimal terms to represent a search engine query is not trivial, and may involve an iterative process such as relevance feedback, repeated unaided attempts by the user or the automatic suggestion of additional terms, which the user may select or reject. This is particularly true of a multimedia search engine which searches on concepts as well(More)
Horizon scanning, the systematic search for information to identify potential threats, risks, emerging issues and opportunities, has become an increasingly important part of strategic decision making. Although horizon scanning has its roots in the pre-electronic information era, it has blossomed with the availability of Web-based information. Dedicated(More)