Marco A. Ocampo

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In a previous study we showed that the staining of tyrosine kinase receptors (trks), which are high-affinity neurotrophin receptors (NTRs), is strongly diminished in the nucleus basalis of Meynert (NBM) of Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients, which may explain the lack of effect of NGF therapy in AD patients so far. Since the literature regarding the(More)
Clinical and preclinical evidence suggests anxiolytic-like efficacy of pregabalin (PGB, Lyrica). However, its mechanism of action remains under investigation. The current study applied [(14)C]-iodoantipyrine cerebral blood flow (CBF) mapping to examine the effect of PGB on neural substrates underlying unconditioned fear in a rat model of footshock-induced(More)
Exercise training is widely used for neurorehabilitation of Parkinson's disease (PD). However, little is known about the functional reorganization of the injured brain after long-term aerobic exercise. We examined the effects of 4 weeks of forced running wheel exercise in a rat model of dopaminergic deafferentation (bilateral, dorsal striatal(More)
Repeated water avoidance stress (WAS) induces sustained visceral hyperalgesia (VH) in rats measured as enhanced visceromotor response to colorectal distension (CRD). This model incorporates two characteristic features of human irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), VH and a prominent role of stress in the onset and exacerbation of IBS symptoms. Little is known(More)
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