Marco A. López

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A semi-infinite programming problem is an optimization problem in which finitely many variables appear in infinitely many constraints. This model naturally arises in an abundant number of applications in different fields of mathematics, economics and engineering. The paper, which intends to make a compromise between an introduction and a survey, treats the(More)
IMPORTANCE Glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) and ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase L1 (UCH-L1) have been widely studied and show promise for clinical usefulness in suspected traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussion. Understanding their diagnostic accuracy over time will help translate them into clinical practice. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the temporal(More)
We obtain a formula for the modulus of metric regularity of a mapping defined by a semi-infinite system of equalities and inequalities. Based on this formula, we prove a theorem of Eckart-Young type for such set-valued infinite-dimensional mappings: given a metrically regular mapping F of this kind, the infimum of the norm of a linear function g such that F(More)
This paper concerns applications of advanced techniques of variational analysis and generalized differentiation to problems of semi-infinite and infinite programming with feasible solution sets defined by parameterized systems of infinitely many linear inequalities of the type intensively studied in the preceding development [5) from our viewpoint of robust(More)
We provide a rule to calculate the subdifferential of the pointwise supremum of an arbitrary family of convex functions defined on a real locally convex topological vector space. Our formula is given exclusively in terms of the data functions, and does not require any assumption either on the index set on which the supremum is taken or on the involved(More)
This paper is concerned with the Lipschitzian behavior of the optimal set of convex semi-infinite optimization problems under continuous perturbations of the right hand side of the constraints and linear perturbations of the objective function. In this framework we provide a sufficient condition for the metric regularity of the inverse of the optimal set(More)
This paper concerns applications of advanced techniques of variational analysis and generalized differentiation to parametric problems of semi-infinite and infinite programming, where decision variables run over finite-dimensional and infinite-dimensional spaces, respectively. Part I is primarily devoted to the study of robust Lipschitzian stability of(More)
STABLE AND TOTAL FENCHEL DUALITY FOR CONVEX OPTIMIZATION PROBLEMS IN LOCALLY CONVEX SPACES∗ CHONG LI† , DONGHUI FANG‡ , GENARO LÓPEZ§ , AND MARCO A. LÓPEZ¶ Abstract. We consider the optimization problem (PA) infx∈X{f(x) + g(Ax)} where f and g are proper convex functions defined on locally convex Hausdorff topological vector spaces X and Y , respectively,(More)
In this paper we consider min-max convex semi-infinite programming. In order to solve these problems we introduce a unified framework concerning Remez-type algorithms and integral methods coupled with penalty and smoothing methods. This framework subsumes well-known classical algorithms, but also provides some new methods with interesting properties.(More)