Marco A. Casanova

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Inclusion dependencies, or INDs (which can say, for example, that every manager is an employee) are studied, including their interaction with functional dependencies, or FDs. A simple complete axiomatization for INDs is presented, and the decision problem for INDs is shown to be PSPACE-complete. (The decision problem for INDs is the problem of determining(More)
This paper presents a conceptual model for hypermedia systems that, among other features, supports versioning, permits exploring and managing alternate configurations, maintains document histories, supports cooperative work and provides automatic propagation of version changes. In general, the model was designed to minimize the cognitive overhead imposed on(More)
This paper describes the nested context model, a conceptual framework for the definition, presentation and browsing of documents. The model carefully combines hypertext links with the concept of context nodes, used to group together sets of nodes. Context nodes can be nested to any depth and, thus, generalize the classical hierarchical organization of(More)
This chapter describes TerraLib, an open source GIS software library. The design goal for TerraLib is to support large-scale applications using socio-economic and environmental data. TerraLib supports coding of geographical applications using spatial databases, and stores data in different database management systems including MySQL and PostgreSQL. Its(More)
Schema matching is a fundamental issue in many database applications, such as query mediation and data warehousing. It becomes a challenge when different vocabularies are used to refer to the same real-world concepts. In this context, a convenient approach, sometimes called extensional, instancebased or semantic, is to detect how the same real world objects(More)