Marcio Vinhal de Carvalho

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UNLABELLED Steroid therapy has been tested as a protector in spinal cord injury. Multicenter studies evaluating the methylprednisolone (MP) in post traumatic neurological recovery have shown promising results according to NASCIS. A large number of critical studies related to the NASCIS results have been published. OBJECTIVE To review literature related to(More)
The use of Y chromosome haplotypes, important for the detection of sexual crimes in forensics, has gained prominence with the use of databases that incorporate these genetic profiles in their system. Here, we optimized and validated an amplification protocol for Y chromosome profile retrieval in reference samples using lesser materials than those in(More)
The aim of this study was to describe the first records of termite activity on non-fossilized human bones in Brazil. The cases reported in this study resulted from forensic analysis of six human skeletons found in northeastern Brazil between 2012 and 2014. Traces of tunnels and nests commonly produced by termites were found on several human bone surfaces as(More)
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