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Arteriovenous malformations or fistulae shunting arterial blood from branches of the external and internal carotid and vertebral arteries into the transverse-sigmoid sinus may produce different clinical syndromes. The literature is reviewed with 96 patients including six personal cases. Usually these malformations have a congenital origin and only in 4% of(More)
Fifty-one patients with urgent hypertension were treated in the emergency department with either oral nifedipine or oral clonidine in a randomized double-blind prospective study. Nifedipine was administered as a single dose of 20 mg. Clonidine was administered as an initial dose of 0.1 mg with hourly doses of 0.1 mg. Nifedipine was successful in reducing(More)
The angiographic features of four occipital dural arteriovenous malformations are presented. Special attention is directed to their blood supply from cervical branches of the subclavian artery and to their venous drainage. Dans cette communication on discute l'aspect angiographique de quatre malformations artérioveineuses durales occipitales en portant une(More)