Marcio Merino Fernandes

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Software pipelining is an eeective technique for increasing the throughput of loops in superscalar or VLIW machines. However, software pipelining generates high register pressure, which in some cases requires the introduction of spill code into the schedule. This report shows that large multi-ported register les present signiic-ant problems in the(More)
An increasing interest in the design of mobile robots has been observed in recent years, which is mainly motivated by technological advances that may allow their application to consumer markets, in addition to industrial areas.Although sophisticated techniques have been developed, choosing the appropriate hardware-software partitioning and programming robot(More)
This paper presents results on a new approach to partitioning a modulo-scheduled loop for distributed execution on parallel clusters of functional units organized as a VLIW machine. A distinctive characteristic of this architecture is the use of register files organized by means of queues, which results in a number of advantages over conventional schemes,(More)
This paper presents a vision system to be embedded in a mobile robot, both of them implemented using recon-figurable computing technology. The vision system captures gestures by means of a digital color camera, and then performs some pre-processing steps in order to use the image as input to a RAM-based neural network. The set of recognized gestures can be(More)
This technical report presents further developments on a VLIW architecture model previously reported. A distinctive characteristic of the architecture is the use of register les organized by means of queues, which results in a number of advantages over conventional schemes, but also requires the development of speciic compiling and hardware features. We(More)