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The dynamics of tritium released from nuclear facilities as tritiated water (HTO) have been studied extensively with results incorporated into regulatory assessment models. These models typically estimate organically bound tritium (OBT) for calculating public dose as OBT itself is rarely measured. Higher than expected OBT/HTO ratios in plants and soils are(More)
Concentrations of organically bound tritium (OBT) and tritiated water (HTO) were measured over two growing seasons in vegetation and soil samples obtained in the vicinity of four nuclear facilities and two background locations in Canada. At the background locations, with few exceptions, OBT concentrations were higher than HTO concentrations: OBT/HTO ratios(More)
The paper presents a mathematical model and simulation results of dynamic characteristics of the single-phase capacitor induction motor for different values of the capacitor capacitance and moment of inertia at no-load and nominal load conditions. The model has been used to study the effect of some machine parameters on the start-up and load performance of(More)
We present the modeling of the absorption column performance using feed-forward and radial basis function type neural networks. The input and output data for training of the neural networks are obtained from a rigorous model of the absorption column. The results obtained form the neural network models are compared with the results obtained mainly from the(More)
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