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Large amounts of neuroimaging studies are collected and have changed our view on human brain function. By integrating multiple studies in meta-analysis a more complete picture is emerging. Brain locations are usually reported as coordinates with reference to a specific brain atlas, thus some of the databases offer so-called coordinate-based searching to the(More)
This paper aims to describe the effect of switching frequency selection for three-level NPC inverter and its impact on the quality of output waveforms for different cable lengths connecting the inverter with motor. Authors propose an optimal switching frequency selection as an option to overall limitation of THD. Traditional and the most popular techniques(More)
A series of zinc acetate complexes with optically pure diphenylethanediamine (DPEDA)-derived ligands have been employed as enantioselective catalyst for the hydrosilylation of various imines. High control of stereoselectivity (up to 97% ee) and excellent yields (up to 96%) were gained for a broad range of N-phosphinoylimines by using(More)
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