Marcin Stasiak

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A synthetic methodology has been developed for peptide bond formation with alpha-hydroxmethylserine as the carboxyl or amino component and also for the preparation of homo-sequences. The key intermediate, O,O-protected alpha-hydroxymethylserine in the form of an isopropylidene derivative, is easily accessible and represents the first example of a(More)
In order to test the influence of chemical modifications designed to allow covalent coupling of channel-forming peptide motifs into variable sized oligomers, a series of alamethicin derivatives was prepared. The building block encompassing the N-terminal 1-17 residues of alamethicin behaved normally in the conductance assay on planar lipid bilayers, albeit(More)
The solid-phase synthesis of peptides derived from the sterically hindered α-hydroxymethylserine (HmS) was investigated. The acid-sensitive,O,O-isopropylidene (Ipr) protection of HmS is compatible with the Fmoc chemistry, represented here by the Fmoc-HmS(Ipr)-OH and Fmoc-HmS(Ipr)-F derivatives. Three analogs of the opioid pentapeptide DADLE with a single or(More)
Further improvements related to the synthesis of peptides containing HmS are presented. Efficient synthetic protocols have been developed to synthesize "difficult" sequences containing a C-terminal HmS residue, MeA-HmS or consecutive HmS. Preparative methods for orthogonal N- and/or C-protected HmS(Ipr) derivatives are described. Their compatibility with(More)
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