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A modern CAD (computer-aided diagnosis) system development involves a multidisciplinary team whose members are experts in medical and technical fields. This study indicates the activities of medical experts at various stages of the CAD design, testing, and implementation. Those stages include a medical analysis of the diagnostic problem, data collection,(More)
In this paper a novel multi-stage automatic method for brain tumour detection and neovasculature assessment is presented. First, the brain symmetry is exploited to register the magnetic resonance (MR) series analysed. Then, the intracranial structures are found and the region of interest (ROI) is constrained within them to tumour and peritumoural areas(More)
This paper presents a study aimed to assess applicability of artificial neural networks (ANNs) in human activity recognition from simple features derived from accelerometric signals. Secondary goal was to select the most descriptive signal features and sensor locations to be used as inputs to ANNs. Five triaxial accelerometers were attached to human body in(More)
  • Marcin Rudzki
  • 2011
This paper presents an automatic method for image contrast enhancement necessary as a preprocessing step during vasculature detection in medical images. The method takes as input two volumetric images: one containing the original data from a computed tomography (CT) study and the other one containing segmented liver as a binary mask. The aim of the method(More)
The paper presents an automatic method for liver vasculature segmentation in volumetric images obtained during Computed Tomography (CT) patient examination. The method, apart from the CT image, also requires an additional image containing binary liver mask. A modified multiscale vesselness filter (VF) performs vasculature detection. VF response is used to(More)
The anti-infective preventive action of intraoperative disinfection with physiological solution containing antibiotics, appears to be firmly established, judging from numerous publications. Since germs are showing a world-wide increasing resistance, the search for antibiotics which continue to be effective must be kept up, but alternative suggestions are(More)
In 24 sheep standardized holes were drilled into the tibia. These defects were filled differently with autologous cancellous bone: a) The defect was filled only with cancellous bone or b) it was filled like in (a) but additionally covered by a Milliporefilter layer; c) the defect was filled like in (a) but the bottom of the defect was covered by a(More)
Ten patients who had had osteosynthetic repairs of bone defects carried out by means of bone grafts were studied. It was shown that magnification radiography permitted better and more complete evaluation of the healing process. Trabecular bone structure can be recognised and changes in the configuration and position of the trabeculae during their(More)
In this paper a new approach to a fuzzy support vector machine (FSVM) for solving multi-class problems is presented. The developed algorithm combines two separate methods based on fuzzy support vector machine, one for solving two-class problems and the second for multi-class problems. The first method deals with the problem of selecting the best support(More)