Marcin Rogowski

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It is demonstrated that J connectivity between amide protons and hydrogen-bond-accepting carbonyl carbons can be observed in perdeuterated human ubiquitin. A selective pulse scheme is used to detect these small 2hJHC' interactions in the presence of the much larger through-covalent-bond 2JHC' and 3JHC' couplings. The ratio of the observed through-H-bond(More)
A new method for synthesis of uranium oxide microspheres (diameter \100 lm) has been developed. It is a variant of our patented Complex Sol–Gel Process, which has been used to synthesize high-quality powders of a wide variety of complex oxides. Starting uranyl-nitrate-ascorbate sols were prepared by addition of ascorbic acid to uranyl nitrate hexahydrate(More)
We have been confronted with a real-world problem of visualizing and observing change of gene expression between different human tissues. In this paper, we are presenting a universal representation space based on two-dimensional gel electrophoresis as opposed to force-directed layouts encountered most often in similar problems. We are discussing the methods(More)
This paper concerns database quality in the Keystroke Dynamics domain. The authors present their own algorithm and test it using two databases: the authors' own KDS database and Keystroke Dynamics-Benchmark Data Set online database. Following problems are studied theoretically and experimentally: classification accuracy, database representativeness,(More)
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