Marcin Pilarczyk

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The objective was to take a first step in the development of a process-oriented quality assurance (QA) system for monitoring and safeguarding of fish welfare at a company level. A process-oriented approach is focused on preventing hazards and involves establishment of critical steps in a process that requires careful control. The seven principles of the(More)
The new HRS method for hyperlink recommendation based on positive and confined negative association rules is presented in the paper. Discovered with the new PANAMA algorithm rules are merged and used in the form of recommendation functions, both to assess the existing hyperlinks and to suggest new ones. Positively and negatively verified and new hyperlinks(More)
One of the basic methods of web usage mining are association rules that indicate relationships among common use of web pages. Positive and confined negative association rules are the components of the new quality measures: Positive and Negative Quality function, respectively. These functions are used to evaluate the quality of hyperlinks existing on web(More)
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