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The paper is devoted to the problem of the robust actuator fault diagnosis of the dynamic non-linear systems. In the proposed method, it is assumed that the diagnosed system can be modelled by the recurrent neural network, which can be transformed into the linear parameter varying form. Such a system description allows developing the designing scheme of the(More)
Wall cavity ventilation has been studied and investigated by numerous researchers both numerically using computer tools and experimentally using laboratory and field investigations. Results have not always been conclusive and recommendations in which cladding types, and under what climatic conditions the air cavity provides benefits, are not well(More)
The paper deals with the problem of simultaneous state and process fault estimation for uncertain dynamic systems. Contrarily to the approaches presented in the literature, the nonlinear estimation problem is reduced to the linear one by introducing a suitable system reparameterization and new estimator structure. Instead of estimating the fault directly,(More)
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