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An improvement of the Waliszewski and Konarski approach ([2002] Synapse 43:252-258) to determine the temporal fractal dimension b(t) and scaling factor a(t) for the process of neuronal differentiation and synapse formation in the fractal space-time is presented. In particular the analytical formulae describing the time-dependence of b(t)(t) and a(t)(t),(More)
Analytical time-dependent functions describing the change of the concentration of the solvent S(t) and the homeopathic active substance A(t) during decimal and centesimal dilution are derived. The function S(t) is a special case of the West-Brown-Enquist curve describing ontogenic growth, the increase in concentration of the solvent during potentization(More)
We report that both space and time, in which a system of interacting cells exists, possess fractal structure. Each single cell of the system can restore the hierarchical organization and dynamic features of the entire tumor. There is a relationship between dynamics of gene expression and connectivity (i.e., interconnectedness which denotes the existence of(More)
Quantum-chemical computations were used to investigate the structure-antioxidant parameter relationships of α-lipoic acid and its natural metabolites bisnorlipoic acid and tetranorlipoic acid in their oxidized and reduced forms. The enantiomers of lipoic and dihydrolipoic acid were optimized using the B3LYP/6-311+G(3df,2p), B3LYP/aug-cc-pVDZ and(More)
An extension of the Stevens' power law, widely used in psychophysics to relate a physical magnitude of a stimulus (e.g. taste, luminance, weight, sound pressure) with the corresponding experienced magnitude (saltiness, brightness, heaviness, loudness etc.) has been proposed. It takes into account the fact that psychophysical functions are basically of a(More)
The Matsuno model of the muscle contraction is considered in the framework of the two-wave Corben's theory of composite objects built up of both time- and space-like components. It has been proved that during muscle contraction the locally coherent aggregates distributed along the actin filament interact by means of space-like fields, which are solutions of(More)
The models relating the intensity of perception to the stimulus are of great importance in sensorial analysis and practical applications. For example, in olfactometry they have been employed to determine: the odour threshold and suprathreshold, hedonic scale assessment and the degree of appreciation. The perceived intensity of a stimuli should be expressed(More)
The West-Brown-Enquist universal growth curve has been mapped on the power law function with the time-dependent scaling factor and exponent representing the temporal fractal dimension of the growth of species like mammals, birds, fish, crustaceans, regardless of taxon, cellular metabolic rate and body size. The results obtained permit formulation of three(More)