Marcin Markiewicz

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With recent advances in microprocessor chip technology, wireless communication, and biomedical engineering it is possible to develop miniaturized ubiquitous health monitoring devices that are capable of recording physiological and movement signals during daily life activities. The aim of the research is to implement and test the prototype of health(More)
We consider the question of locality in distributed computing in the context of quantum information. Specifically, we focus on the round complexity of quantum distributed algorithms, with no bounds imposed on local computational power or on the bit size of messages. Linial’s LOCAL model of a distributed system is augmented through two types of quantum(More)
The results of spacelike separated measurements are independent of distant measurement settings, a property one might call two-way no-signaling. In contrast, timelike separated measurements are only one-way no-signaling since the past is independent of the future but not vice versa. For this reason some temporal correlations that are formally identical to(More)
We consider the problem of the classical simulation of quantum measurements in the scenario of communication complexity. Regev and Toner (2007) have presented a 2-bit protocol which simulates one particular correlation function arising from binary projective quantum measurements on arbitrary state, and in particular does not preserve local averages. The(More)
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