Marcin Marek Kaminski

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Asymmetric cell division, the partitioning of cellular components in response to polarizing cues during mitosis, has roles in differentiation and development. It is important for the self-renewal of fertilized zygotes in Caenorhabditis elegans and neuroblasts in Drosophila, and in the development of mammalian nervous and digestive systems. T lymphocytes,(More)
This paper illustrates a method for determining trace amounts of CO, CH4 and CO2 with the detection limit of 0.15, 0.15 and 0.20 microg/l, respectively, in refinery hydrogen gases or in air. A simple modification of a gas chromatograph equipped with a flame-ionization detector is presented. A Porapak Q column, additionally connected with a short molecular(More)
T cell activation results in a rapidly proliferating T cell endowed with a metabolic phenotype necessary for growth and division. However, before the cell can proceed towards this burst of cell division a phase of quiescence occurs, during which the basic mechanisms governing regulation of metabolic reprograming are established. This review focuses on key(More)
This paper addresses the important question in structural analysis how to efficiently model the eigen-vibrations of the spatial structures with random physical and/or geometrical parameters. The entire computational methodology is based on the traditional Finite Element Method enriched with the stochastic perturbation technique in its generalized nth order(More)
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