Marcin M Machnicki

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BRAF oncogenic kinase has become a target for specific therapy in oncology. Genetic characterization of a predominant V600E mutation in melanoma, thyroid cancer, and other tumors became a focus for developing specific inhibitors, such as vemurafenib or dabrafenib. Our knowledge regarding the role of mutated BRAF in hematological malignancies has grown(More)
In humans mutations in the PLN gene, encoding phospholamban - a regulator of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase (SERCA), cause cardiomyopathy with prevalence depending on the population. Our purpose was to identify PLN mutations in Polish cardiomyopathy patients. We studied 161 unrelated subjects referred for genetic testing for cardiomyopathies: 135(More)
TTN gene truncating variants are common in dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), although data on their clinical significance is still limited. We sought to examine the frequency of truncating variants in TTN in patients with DCM, including familial DCM (FDCM), and to look for genotype-phenotype correlations. Clinical cardiovascular data, family histories and blood(More)
BRAF mutation testing is one of the best examples how modern genetic testing may help to effectively use targeted therapies in cancer patients. Since many different genetic techniques are employed to assess BRAF mutation status with no available comparison of their sensitivity and usefulness for different types of samples, we decided to evaluate our own(More)
BACKGROUND Rhabdoid meningioma is rare aggressive meningioma histological subtype that develops predominantly through progression from less malignant tumors. Owing to its low incidence, this tumor's biological background is unknown. The aim of this study was to profile somatic mutations in 4 meningioma samples from the same patient, derived previously from(More)
Malignant glomus tumor (MGT), also known as glomangiosarcoma, is a rare soft tissue neoplasm (1 per 5,000 of all soft tissue neoplasms) which stems from modified epithelioid smooth muscle cells of the glomus body. At present there is no uniform treatment for MGT. The genomic landscape of soft tissue sarcoma remains only partially known. According to the(More)
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