Marcin Kozak

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Did the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991 influence the scientific performance of the researchers in Eastern European countries? Did this historical event affect international collaboration by researchers from the Eastern European countries with those of Western countries? Did it also change international collaboration among researchers from the Eastern(More)
In this paper we propose a new family of cumulative indexes for measuring scientific performance which can be applied to many metrics, including h index and its variants (here we apply it to the h index, h(2) index and Google Scholar's i10 index). These indexes follow the general principle of repeating the index calculation for the same publication set.(More)
Far too often, phenotypic divergence has been misinterpreted as genetic divergence, and based on phenotypic divergence, genetic divergence has been indicated. We have attempted to disprove this statement and call for the differentiation of pheno-typic and genotypic variation. Genetic divergence has been a hot topic in plant breeding in recent decades, and(More)
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