Marcin Kowalski

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We investigate how to use the scripts with automatically generated fast-performing analytic SQL statements to speed up the KDD-related tasks of attribute selection and decision tree induction. We base our framework on the entity-attribute-value data model in order to seamlessly scale the required queries with respect to the amounts of attributes involved in(More)
Background. Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is currently the "gold standard" in the treatment of advanced gonarthrosis. Improved range of motion, reduced pain, and correction of the limb axis, which are the main treatment goals, depend on proper surgical technique. The usable life of the knee prosthesis and the patient's comfort are the main criteria for(More)
We present a problem of splitting objects from finite set into heterogenous groups of equal or almost equal cardinalities. The problem resembles the classic problem of data clustering, but additional constraint on groups size and global measure of clustering quality makes well known clustering algorithms hardly applicable. Such problem occurs - as we(More)
Domain Specific Languages gain increasing popularity as they substantially leverage software development by bridging the gap between technical and business area. After a domain framework is produced, experts gain an effective vehicle for assessing quality and performance of a system in the business-specific context. We consider the domain to be(More)