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The ideal high-resolution typing strategy for polymorphic genes is sequence-based typing. SBT of genomic DNA has been developed for the HLA class II genes DRB1, DRB3/4/5 and DPB1. For the DQB1 gene the sequence-based typing method was shown to cause a number of problems. To resolve those problems, different primers to amplify and sequence exon 2 of DQB1(More)
This report contains revision and extension of some results about RBO from [14]. RBO is a simple and efficient broadcast scheduling of n = 2 uniform frames for battery powered radio receivers. Each frame contains a key from some arbitrary linearly ordered universe. The broadcast cycle – a sequence of frames sorted by the keys and permuted by k-bit reversal(More)
Suppose that there is a sorted sequence and at most k elements change their values, for some k n. We present a comparator network of depth 4 log n + O((log k log log n) 2) that makes the sequence sorted again.
We consider the problem of sorting sequences obtained from a sorted sequence of n keys by changing the values of at most k keys at some unknown positions. Since even for k = 1 a lower bound Ω(logn) on the number of parallel comparison steps applies, any comparator network solving this problem cannot be asymptotically faster than the AKS sorting network. We(More)
By k-disturbed sequence we mean a sequence obtained from a sorted sequence by changing the values of at most k elements. We present an algorithm for single-hop radio networks that sorts a k-disturbed sequence of length n (where each station stores single key) in time 4n+ k · (⌈lg k⌉+⌈lg(n−k+1)⌉+6⌈lg k⌉)−2 with energetic cost 3·⌈ (⌈lg k⌉+1)(⌈lg k⌉+2) 2⌊n/k⌋(More)
Most of the methods described in t,he literature for the determination of fatty acids require much larger amounts of blood than could be supplied by small experimental animals without injuring them for chemical investigabion. The gravimetric method (1) by which lipid constituents are isolated and weighed is tedious, and the large amount of blood which is(More)