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The reconstituted basement membrane (Matrigel)-based assay was used to quantify the invasive potential of hematopoietic cells including cultured human leukemic cells (KG-1, K-562, HEL, HL-60, and U-937), normal bone marrow (BM) cells, and normal polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNL). We found that (i) in contrast to 6- to 72-hour incubation periods typically(More)
Propionibacterium granulosum KP-45, glucan and pyran copolymer stimulated the elimination of 75Selenomethionine-labelled 3LL tumor cells from murine lungs, as measured 4 hr after intravenous injection of these cells into 16- to 25-week-old B6DF1 mice. This effect was most pronounced 4 to 6 days following intravenous administration of the above biological(More)
INTRODUCTION Media have an influence on the human psyche similar to the addictive actions of psychoactive substances or gambling. Computer overuse is claimed to be a cause of psychiatric disturbances such as computer and Internet addiction. It has not yet been recognized as a disease, but it evokes increasing controversy and results in mental disorders(More)
Rats bearing Guerin epithelioma were exposed to 3 or 6 sessions of local microwave hyperthermia (LMwH) (2450 MHz, tumor temperature 43° C, time of exposition 45 min) on the 3rd or 5th week after implantation of tumor cells. In some of the animals LMwH was combined with the administration of immunopotentiating (IP) substances—purified Streptolysin S (SLS) (1(More)
The effect of the strains of Propionibacteria (P. granulosum, P. avidum, P. acnes) on functional and metabolic activities of mouse lymphocytes and rabbit macrophages was examined in vivo and in vitro. In some of the experiments bacterial cell walls isolated from the above bacteria were tested and compared with the activity of whole bacteria. In isolated(More)
Tumor-bearing and normal BALB/c mice were examined for their responsiveness to contact-sensitizing agent oxazolone after whole-body microwave hyperthermia treatment. The effective therapy with hyperthermia prolonging mean survival time of the animals and causing tumors regression resulted in strongly pronounced hyporeactivity to oxazolone. The impaired(More)
Adhesion receptors from the very late activation (VLA) (beta 1) integrin subfamily play a role in the cooperation of hematopoietic progenitors with bone marrow stroma, and the disregulated expression of these molecules, as evaluated by immunophenotyping, has been implicated in the acquisition of the malignant phenotype by hematopoietic cells. In the present(More)
Development and growth of skin cancer may be affected by various physical and chemical factors present in human environment. Of these factors electromagnetic radiation of radio- and microwave spectra are among the most common. In the present study Balb/c mice were exposed to chemical carcinogen, 3,4-benzopyrene, painted on the skin every 2nd day for a total(More)