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The majority of commercially available corrective spectacles used by workers do not provide effective eye protection against mechanical hazards in the workplace. One of the risks commonly occurring during work is hitting the head on some protruding elements, such as components of machines, buildings or tree branches in a forest. Because of the considerable(More)
Retractable type fall arresters constitute a most effective group of components used in personal protection systems protecting against falls from a height. They are designed primarily for outdoor use, which results in exposure to atmospheric factors associated with risk of corrosion of metal elements. This paper presents the results of a study, in which(More)
Connectors are commonly found in personal equipment protecting against falls from a height. They are typically used outdoors and exposed to atmospheric factors, which can result in corrosion. This article presents the results of a study involving exposure of connectors to experimental corrosive media - neutral salt spray (NSS), acid salt spray (ASS), and(More)
A full body harness is a component of personal systems protecting against falls from a height. To ensure users' safety, the harness must retain its protective properties during its whole service period. All the elements of a harness (webbings, threads, metal buckles, etc.) are exposed to destructive factors. Harnesses stored and used for a few years were(More)
The main purposes of this study were to select a photochromic dye and to develop an active welding filter with a photochromic layer. A series of functionalized spirobenzopyranoindolins were synthesized and their photophysical and photochemical properties were investigated in a solution using absorption and emission spectroscopy. Time-resolved fluorescence(More)
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