Marcin Fraczak

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As it is not realistic to expect that all users, especially specialists in the graphic business, use complex low-level parallel programs to speed up image processing, we have developed a plugin for the highly acclaimed GIMP which enables to invoke a series of filter operations in a pipeline in parallel on a set of images loaded by the plugin. We present the(More)
We present a new system BeesyCluster which can be seen as an easyto-use access portal to an expandable network of services deployed and published on clusters or PCs with virtual payments for the use of services. Administrators/users can attach their clusters/PCs available via SSH with a click of the button without any need for further configuration on the(More)
We present design and implementation details as well as performance results for two new parallel checkpointing libraries developed by us for parallel MPI applications. The first one, a user-guided library requires from the programmer to support packing and unpacking code with an easy-to-use API using MPI constants. It uses MPI-2 collective I/O calls or a(More)
The authors describe a case of spinal cord injury close to the site of its junction with the medulla. The injury was caused by the sharp end of joiner file. Following the injury a neurological syndrome developed indicating selective direct injury to the pyramidal tract in the left lateral funiculi of the cord and to the pathways of deep sensation on the(More)
While there exist many kernel and user level libraries/systems which support checkpointing working processes and resuming their operations, it is still very difficult to provide an easy-to-use tool to assist checkpointing parallel applications. In this work, we aim at the development of an easy-to-use user-guided library to support checkpointing parallel(More)
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