Marcin Engel

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This paper demonstrates how the extended duration calculus [4] can be used to support the approach to documentation of computer systems presented by in [1]. This approach uses the general concept of mathematical relations to specify properties, while the calculus of durations provides the means to reason about such specifications, and in particular, prove(More)
A synthetic gene encoding aprotinin (bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor) was fused to the Saccharomyces cerevisiae prepro alpha mating factor leader sequence at the dibasic amino acid processing site. Pichia pastoris strains were developed to express one or multiple copies of a methanol-inducible expression cassette containing the gene fusion. P. pastoris(More)
Lissencephaly is characterized by absent or poorly developed gyri, which are poorly seen on CT scans because of a bone artifact of the calvarium (1-4]. We report the use of MR imaging in a case of li ssencephaly. Case Report MR imaging was performed on a 2-year-old girl whose history included low Apgar score, hypotonicity, and myoclonic seizures at birth.(More)
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