Marcin Dybek

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BACKGROUND To analyze and compare dose distribution homogeneity in selected points (especially in the chest wall region) for patients irradiated with two different TBI techniques to achieve a uniform total dose (excluding lungs area) specified in the range of 11.4-14.0 Gy. MATERIAL AND METHODS From August 2000 to December 2009, a group of 158 patients was(More)
Dependence between therapeutic dose and activity induced in mammal bones is discussed. This activity leads to gamma ray emission registered by HPGe detector and scintilation probe. Presented results are focused on activation which occurs during emission of 15 and 20 MV photon beams. The purpose is to describe how therapeutic conditions (dose, time of(More)
Photon and neutron soft tissue absorbed doses near the entrance door to the medical LINAC treatment room were measured with the use of thermoluminescent detectors LiF:Mg,Cu,P in the anthropomorphic phantom. Two different therapeutic beams (6 and 15 MV) and four treatment techniques were involved in the present study. This allowed one to investigate the(More)
High-energy therapeutic beams used in the radiotherapy induce photonuclear and electronuclear reactions which are accompanied by generation of undesirable radioisotopes and neutrons inside the treatment room. These neutrons at thermal and resonance energies induce nuclear reactions through the whole accelerator bunker. In consequence various radioisotopes(More)
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