Marcin Denkowski

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This paper presents an overview of two-dimensional image fusion methods using convolution filters and discrete wavelet transform developed by the authors. Image fusion is a process of combining two or more images of the same object into one extended composite image. It can extract features from source images and provide more information than one image. This(More)
In recent years, intelligent building systems have become standard in residential buildings as well as commercial buildings. This chapter presents a novel system for controlling such buildings using natural user interfaces. Due to advanced logic, it is capable of identifying people occupying defined areas and recognizing their gestures. The system(More)
This paper presents the development process of a platform for image processing with a focus on the medical imaging. Besides general image processing algorithms and visualization tools, this platform includes advanced medical imaging modules for segmentation, registration and morphological analysis. It allows fast addition and testing of new algorithms using(More)
The analysis of medical images for the purpose of computer-aided diagnosis and therapy planning includes the segmentation as a preliminary stage for the visualization or the quantification of such data. In this paper, we present a fuzzy segmentation system that is capable of segmenting magnetic resonance (MR) images of a human brain. The presented method(More)
Acquisition of image series using the digital camera gives a possibility to obtain high resolution/quality animation, much better than while using the digital camcorder. However, there are several problems to deal with when producing animation using such approach. Especially, if motion involves changes in observer position and spatial orientation, the(More)
Image fusion is a process of combining a set of images of the same scene into one composite image. The main objective of this technique is to obtain an image that is more suitable for visual perception. This composite image has reduced uncertainty and minimal redundancy while the essential information is maximized. In other words, image fusion integrates(More)
The main problem with images acquired using macro photography is the very shallow depthof-field. In this article we present and implement an algorithm to reconstruct full focused images based on partially focused images series of the same object acquired with different focus depths. The presented algorithm consists of several phases including: image(More)