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The paper presents motivations and technical assumptions of a prototype object-oriented declarative workflow management system that is developed and implemented at the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Warsaw. The main assumption that differs this system from many similar systems is the possibility of dynamic changes of running process(More)
KsiąŜki w całości ani w części nie wolno powielać ani przekazywać w Ŝaden sposób za pomocą Ŝadnych nośników bez wcześniejszego uzyskania pisemnej zgody Wydawnictwa (The book may not be reproduced or transmitted in whole or in part in any way using any media, without a prior consent in writing from the Publisher) Acknowledgements This book presents a(More)
Identity management has become an issue of central importance. It is relevant to service composition and provisioning in telecommunications and in computer systems, especially to their security, enrichment and customization. However, the plentitude of proprietary and open source identity management solutions causes interoperability problems as well as legal(More)
Interoperable Identity Management systems are prerequisite for novel user-centric services, which strongly rely on user identity attributes and security services. Future Identity Management systems have to include a discovery framework which will enable dynamic and automatic exchange of user identity attributes between services from different key-business(More)
Nervous system of Periplaneta americana cockroach is used in a wide range of pharmacological studies, including electrophysiological techniques. This paper presents its role as a preparation in the development of toxinological studies in the following electrophysiological methods: double-oil-gap technique on isolated giant axon, patch-clamp on DUM (dorsal(More)
We present an efficient implementation of 7–point and 27–point stencils on high-end Nvidia GPUs. A new method of reading the data from the global memory to the shared memory of thread blocks is developed. The method avoids conditional statements and requires only two coalesced instructions to load the tile data with the halo. Additional optimizations(More)