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Streszczenie. W artykule przestawiono model kosztowy x-BR-drzewa dla zapytań realizowanych w przestrzennych bazach danych. Model wyznacza koszt dla zapytań przestrzennych w bazach danych, rozumiany jako liczba dostępów do węzłów lub odczytów z dysku. Zaprezentowano wyniki testów, które pokazują dokładność analitycznych estymacji w porównaniu z rzeczywistymi(More)
The paper proposes the new definitions of Expanded Cascaded OLAP (ECOLAP) operations by using the relation algebra. The operations have been defined for the extended cascaded star schema in spatial data warehouse SDW basing on the existing definitions of the COLAP operations for the cascaded star schema. Moreover, they support extensions presented in the(More)
In the article a specific biomedical requirements for the driver's psychophysical condition in terms of early warning system against excessive fatigue states was presented. In the first part of the paper selected driver's biomedical parameters were described, next the video image analysis algorithms in the context of eye movements were presented. In the(More)
In this paper a parametric model of the left ventricle is presented, whose task is to improve the segmentation results obtained by the use of standard algorithms. An individual model is built on the basis of properly designated sections. Incorrectly designated sections should be replaced with ellipses evaluated using the presented model. While elaborating(More)
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