Marcin Bownik

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The wavelet dimension function for arbitrary real dilations is defined and used to address several questions involving the existence of MRA wavelets and well-localized wavelets for irrational dilations. The theory of quasi-affine frames for rational dilations and the existence of non-MSF wavelets for certain irrational dilations play an important role in(More)
We give a characterization of all (quasi) aane frames in L 2 (R n) which have a (quasi) aane dual in terms of the two simple equations in the Fourier transform domain. In particular, if the dual frame is the same as the original system, i.e. it is a tight frame, we obtain the well known characterization of wavelets. Although these equations have already(More)
We extend the notion of the spectral function of shift-invariant spaces introduced by the authors in [BRz] to the case of general lattices. The main feature is that the spectral function is not dependent on the choice of the underlying lattice with respect to which a space is shift-invariant. We also show that in general the spectral function is not(More)
The Feichtinger conjecture is considered for three special families of frames. It is shown that if a wavelet frame satisfies a certain weak regularity condition, then it can be written as the finite union of Riesz basic sequences each of which is a wavelet system. Moreover, the above is not true for general wavelet frames. It is also shown that a(More)
For weights in the matricial Muckenhoupt classes we investigate a number of properties analogous to properties which hold in the scalar Muckenhoupt classes. In contrast to the scalar case we exhibit for each p, 1 < p <∞, a matrix weight W ∈Ap,q \ ⋃ p′<pAp′,q′ . We also give a necessary and sufficient condition on W in Ap,q, a “reverse inverse volume(More)
Let A1 and A2 be expansive dilations, respectively, on R n and R. Let ~ A ≡ (A1, A2) and Ap( ~ A) be the class of product Muckenhoupt weights on R × R for p ∈ (1, ∞]. When p ∈ (1, ∞) and w ∈ Ap( ~ A), the authors characterize the weighted Lebesgue space L w (R × R) via the anisotropic Lusin-area function associated with ~ A. When p ∈ (0, 1], w ∈ A∞( ~ A),(More)
It is shown that for any expansive, integer valued two by two matrix, there exists a (multi)-wavelet whose Fourier transform is compactly supported and smooth. A key step is showing that for almost every equivalence class of integrally similar matrices there is a representative A which is strictly expansive in the sense that there is a compact set K which(More)