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Tough talk: Indirectness and gender in requests for information
Abstract Differences between male and female speakers have been explored by linguistics without their arriving at any general agreement. Female speakers are viewed differently by different theorists.Expand
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Asking to Ask: The Strategic Function of Indirect Requests for Information in Interviews
In a recent column one television critic for Toronto's The Globe and Mail bemoans the loss of "aggressive interviewing in Canadian television." He points out that "At their best, good televisionExpand
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When Chaos Is Come Again: Narrative and Narrative Analysis in Othello
In her introduction to Othello: New Perspectives (1991), Virginia Mason Vaughan indicates that literary criticism of Othello has advanced from older preoccupations with character and psychologicalExpand
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‘Father knows best’: Therapy as entertainment
This paper examines two realisations of the television talk show in North America: The Oprah Winfrey Show and Dr. Phil, looking specifically at how they function within the sub-genre of ‘therapeuticExpand
A Short Introduction to Populism
Macaulay provides an overview of the principal theoretical approaches concerning populism. She examines the six questions posed by Ionescu and Gellner (Populism its meaning and nationalExpand
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The question of politeness in political interviews
This paper examines the question of politeness in political interviews, looking particularly at the use of loaded questions. Comparison is made between the two principal paradigms of politeness,Expand
Bernie and the Donald: A Comparison of Left- and Right-Wing Populist Discourse
Macaulay examines two populist leaders who became prominent during the 2016 Democratic and Republican Presidential campaigns: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Using Laclau (2005a), Searlian SpeechExpand
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