Marcia Lowry

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BACKGROUND Prolonged sitting time is a health risk. We describe a practice-based study designed to reduce prolonged sitting time and improve selected health factors among workers with sedentary jobs. COMMUNITY CONTEXT We conducted our study during March-May 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, among employees with sedentary jobs. METHODS Project(More)
"Optimal lifestyle," comprising abstinence from smoking, adequate physical activity, eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, and consuming limited or no alcohol, is associated with low risk of chronic disease when unselected populations are observed for long periods of time. It is unclear whether these same associations are present when(More)
On the basis of familial constellations it is possible to separate out most of the unipolar depressive patients that are seen in the hospital. The groups may be called depression spectrum disease, pure depressive disease, and sporadic depressive disease. The sporadic depressive disease group is older at onset and older at index of admission than the other(More)
Fifty normal, healthy, full-term infants were allowed 45 minutes contact with their mothers immediately after birth at Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica. The behaviour of these infants and their mothers was compared with matched controls at six and 12 weeks in a hospital follow-up interview. More early-contact mothers solely breast-fed their(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the association between summary health scores and health care costs in the following year. METHODS Eligible employees (N = 20,662) completed a health assessment (HA) which provided an overall summary health score (THPS) and subscores for Modifiable Health Potential (MHPS), Quality of Life (QOLS), and Non-Modifiable Health Potential(More)
Serum dopamine beta-hydroxylase activity was followed in seven patients who had experienced primary subarachnoid hemorrhage resulting from a ruptured intracranial aneurysm. This preliminary study suggested that dopamine beta-hydroxylase levels were initially elevated following subarachnoid hemorrhage, after which they progressively declined during the first(More)
Blind raters applied research criteria to the charts of patients whose discharge diagnosis changed through several hospital admissions from depression to schizophrenia and to the charts of matched control patients. Fewer diagnostically unstable patients than control patients satisfied research criteria for depression despite matching discharge diagnoses.(More)
Simultaneous adherence to abstinence from smoking, adequate physical activity, eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, and consuming limited or no amount of alcohol has been associated with a variety of health outcomes, but not emotional health. The purpose of this investigation was to study the association between optimal lifestyle behaviors(More)
In a group of 191 women admitted to the University of Iowa Psychiatric Hospital for depression over a 45-year period and selected on the basis of alcoholism or antisocial personality, vs. depression, in a parent, 105 probands fit into the depression spectrum group (parental alcoholism or antisocial personality) and 86 into the pure depression group(More)