Marcia Losada Maia

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A controlled trial was performed with the purpose of investigating which factors could be considered of significant risk for the development of basal cell carcinoma. A total of 259 cases of basal cell carcinoma diagnosed from July 1991 to July 1992 were compared with 518 controls matched for age and sex. All subjects in both groups were white. Protocol data(More)
Invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cells are CD1d restricted-T cells that react to lipid antigens. iNKT cells were shown to be important in infection, autoimmunity and tumor surveillance. Alterations in the number and function of these cells were described in several pathological conditions including autoimmune and/or liver diseases. CD1d is critical for(More)
[1] Active ridge propagation frequently occurs along spreading ridges and profoundly affects ridge crest segmentation over time. The mechanisms controlling ridge propagation, however, are poorly understood. At the slow spreading Mid‐Atlantic Ridge at 21.5°N a seismic refraction and wide‐angle reflection profile surveyed the crustal structure along a segment(More)
The Foundation hotspot–Pacific-Antarctic Ridge (PAR) system is the best documented case of a fast spreading ridge approaching a hotspot and interacting with it. The morphology, crustal structure inferred from gravity anomalies and the chemical composition of the lavas of the axial area of the PAR show evidence of the influence of the hotspot, that is(More)
  • Marcia Maia, Ivo Pessanha, +8 authors Judith Vatteville
  • 2011
[1] The Amsterdam‐Saint Paul plateau results from a 10 Myr interaction between the South East Indian Ridge and the Amsterdam‐Saint Paul hot spot. During this period of time, the structure of the plateau changed as a consequence of changes in both the ridge‐hot spot relative distance and in the strength of the hot spot source. The joint analysis of(More)
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