Marcia L. Thomas

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This action research project developed a portfolio-based learning system, based around a 'log dairy,' with the trainers and general practitioner registrars of one training region in the UK. For those that found benefit from the system, the diary became an important way of holding all the events of a training year together; a way of looking back, in order to(More)
Reflective learning has been widely addressed as an important learning mechanism in the educational literature. The creation of portfolios has been seen as a mechanism to promote this, though there has been little exploration of the place of a portfolio in general practice training. This study examined the introduction of a model of a portfolio learning(More)
The drive towards learner-centred learning which will equip doctors for the next century has encouraged the exploration of alternative ways of learning. A fundamental assumption is that a new learning strategy will either fit into existing patterns or trigger changes in the way that teachers and learners talk together. Despite the use of videotaped(More)
This paper reviews the literature of collection development and management from 2009 and 2010. Themes and trends reflect the profound effect of environmental forces on libraries, including the economic recession, changes in scholarly communication, and an increasingly networked environment. Libraries reduced print collections and moved them to storage or(More)
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