Marcia L. Branstetter

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Generating credible climate change and extremes projections remains a high-priority challenge, especially since recent observed emissions are above the worst-case scenario. Bias and uncertainty analyses of ensemble simulations from a global earth systems model show increased warming and more intense heat waves combined with greater uncertainty and large(More)
The determination of relationships between climate variables and the identification of the most significant associations between them in various geographic regions is an important aspect of climate model evaluation. The EDEN visual analytics toolkit has been developed to aid such analysis by facilitating the assessment of multiple variables with respect to(More)
Ultrascale computing and high-throughput experimental technologies have enabled the production of scientific data about complex natural phenomena. With this opportunity, comes a new problem – the massive quantities of data so produced. Answers to fundamental questions about the nature of those phenomena remain largely hidden in the produced data. The goal(More)
Over the past decade, the federal government has mandated healthcare providers to incorporate electronic health records into practice by 2015. This technological update in healthcare documentation has generated a need for advanced practice RN programs to incorporate information technology into education. The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner(More)
Linked Science is the practice of inter-connecting scientific assets by publishing, sharing and linking scientific data and processes in end-to-end loosely coupled workflows that allow the sharing and re-use of scientific data. Much of this data does not live in the cloud or on the Web, but rather in multi-institutional data centers that provide tools and(More)
We have developed demonstrable capabilities in the area of geographic analysis and visualization for climate extremes, uncertainty and impacts. The capabilities were used for to provide climate science support to an international climate change war game, where real-world policy makers, as well as business, political and science leaders from around the(More)
Electronic clinical tracking systems are used in many educational institutions of higher learning to document advanced practice registered nursing students' clinical experiences. Students' clinical experiences are constructed according to the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties core competencies. These competencies form a basis for(More)
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