Marcia Gibson

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Housing and neighbourhood conditions are widely acknowledged to be important social determinants of health, through three main pathways: (1) internal housing conditions, (2) area characteristics and (3) housing tenure. We conducted a systematic overview of systematic reviews of intervention studies to provide an overview of the evidence on the impact of(More)
The modern world increasingly requires us to prove our identity. When this has to be done remotely, as is the case when people make use of web sites, the most popular technique is the password. Unfortunately the profusion of web sites and the associated passwords reduces their efficacy and puts severe strain on users' limited cognitive resources. There is(More)
We describe a novel application for sonic events namely their generation via mathematical functions implemented on a universal all purpose Java platform. Their design is driven by a set of requirements that arise in recognition-based authentication systems. We show that our approach has potential advantages as compared with traditional alphanumeric and(More)
Over the last few years, there has been emerging interest in authenticating users through the medium of music. Historically, developers of alternate modality systems have focused on image-and haptic-based techniques, instinctively shying away from music. This might be due to the inherently temporal nature of the listening task and the belief that this would(More)
Lessie Smith, Jr. The nation's incarceration growth continues to soar, having negative economic and societal effects. This research explores continued growth causes and possible answers to prevent, intervene, and slow down incarceration. Hampton Roads institutions' offenders and professional staff were surveyed. The survey focuses on preventive and(More)
BACKGROUND Lone parents and their children experience higher than average levels of adverse health and social outcomes, much of which are explained by high rates of poverty. Many high income countries have attempted to address high poverty rates by introducing employment requirements for lone parents in receipt of welfare benefits. However, there is(More)
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