Marcia E. B. Gomes

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This cross-sectional study evaluated the prevalence of anti-hepatitis antibodies and associated factors in dialysis patients. Data were collected from records of all patients receiving dialysis treatment [n=1,261] in the city of Porto Alegre, in Southern Brazil, from August to December 2003. The statistical analyses used Chi-squared and the linear tendency(More)
PURPOSE To clinically evaluate the status of caries lesions adjacent to restorations (AdjCL) in primary molars, and its relationship to the child's carious activity and marginal restoration integrity. METHODS Three independent examiners (trained, calibrated and blinded) evaluated 64 randomly selected restorations (occlusal and occluso-proximal) by the(More)
BACKGROUND Vertical facial pattern may be related to the direction of pull of the masticatory muscles, yet its effect on occlusal force and elastic deformation of the mandible still is unclear. This study tested whether the variation in vertical facial pattern is related to the variation in maximum occlusal force (MOF) and medial mandibular flexure (MMF) in(More)
This paper presents research on the influence of quartz deformation in aggregates for the development of the alkali-silica reaction in concrete and its relationship with silica dissolution. The study also compares these characteristics with the field behavior of such rocks in concrete. The paper proposes parameters to classify the different degrees of(More)
A geochemical modeling of gold deposition was performed using the EQ3/EQ6 software package using conditions inferred from geological, petrographic, geochemical and fluid inclusion data from the Bloco do Butiá gold mine, Lavras do Sul, RS. Gold in the mine occurs only in the pyrite structure (invisible gold). The pyrite occurs associated with white mica(More)
A new form of coherent 2D spectroscopy involving a pair of electronic resonances appears to provide several advantages over more established techniques. It can resolve congested peaks and sort them by vibrational quantum number, rotational quantum number, and isotopomer. The high degree of symmetry in the resulting spectra facilitates the ability to assign(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated the effect of chemical polishing on the internal adaptation of complete denture bases fabricated with Veracril® resin and polymerized by either the conventional (C) or microwave (M) techniques. MATERIAL AND METHODS Six groups (n=6/group) were tested: 1) C + no polishing (CO); 2) C + chemical polishing (CQ); 3) C + immersion(More)
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