Marcia A Antônio

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[1] Four distinct meteorological regimes in the Amazon basin have been examined to distinguish the contributions from boundary layer aerosol and convective available potential energy (CAPE) to continental cloud structure and electrification. The lack of distinction in the electrical parameters (peak flash rate, lightning yield per unit rainfall) between(More)
Triterpenoids with 31-norcycloartanone structure were isolated for the first time from the Solanum genus. Cycloeucalenone and 24-oxo-31-norcycloartanone were the main constituents of the dichloromethane extract of Solanum cernuum Vell. leaves [7% (w/w) and 1.47% (w/w)]. Both triterpenoids were tested against human tumour cell lines, and(More)
A case study of convective development in the Southwest Amazon region during the WETAMC and TRMM/LBA is presented. The convective development during 7 February 1999 is shown to occur during a period of very weak large scale forcing in the presence of topography and deforestation. The available data include dual Doppler radar analysis, radiosonde launches(More)
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