Marcelo Zottolo

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Discrete-process simulation, long used in the manufacturing sector of the economy for process analysis and improvement, has more recently, yet extensively, proved its value in the service industry for the same purposes. Very simple queuing situations are amenable to closed-form analysis; however, queuing environments typical of actual contexts in the(More)
Simulation has long been a significant and powerful force for the improvement of manufacturing operations. More recently, it has been used to increase the efficiency, efficacy, and economy of service operations. In this case study, we describe the valuable contributions simulation made to the improvement of operations at numerous business locations of a(More)
The most venerable and the most highly varied general application area in which simulation has frequently and repeatedly proved its economic value is the manufacturing sector of the economy. Manufacturing applications of simulation have included attention to complex issues of equipment and/or worker downtime, problems of facility layout, work and line(More)
This presentation discusses modeling challenges, approach, and findings for the throughput capacity verification of a parking system. This system consists of a totally automated four-story parking structure located next to a train station. Demand variations through the day for parking and retrieving cars are verified using simulation and equipment(More)
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