Marcelo Z. Salem

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The diagnosis of benign hepatic tumors as hepatic adenoma (HA) and focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH) remains a challenge for clinicians and surgeons. The importance of differentiating between these lesions is based on the fact that HA must be surgically resected and FNH can be only observed. A series of 23 female patients with benign liver tumors (13 FNH, 10(More)
MATERIALS AND METHODS We present an analysis of 48 patients with pyogenic liver abscess (PLA) that were treated according to a protocol between 1975 and 1993. In this period, 35 patients with PLA were treated by surgical drainage (SD). The indication for surgical treatment of the abscess were patients in septic conditions, underlying intra-abdominal(More)
BACKGROUND Severity of systemic lesions and mortality of experimental acute pancreatitis (AP) are reduced after pancreatic enzyme content reduction induced by cerulein administration. Octreotide has been used both prophylatically and therapeutically in AP. The possible effects of octreotide on pancreatic enzyme content and its influence on pulmonary lesions(More)
Hypomagnesemia is the most common electrolyte disturbance seen upon admission to the intensive care unit (ICU). Reliable predictors of its occurrence are not described. The objective of this prospective study was to determine factors predictive of hypomagnesemia upon admission to the ICU. In a single tertiary cancer center, 226 patients with different(More)
Progressive antighrombin activity was assayed in 45 term infants in the first four days of life, in 20 cord blood specimens and in the blood of 20 pregnant women (at term). In the term infants a positive correlation was shown between progressive antithrombin and postnatal age. No correlation could be demonstrated with sex, ethnic group or type of delivery.(More)
A patient with duodenal obstruction resulting from passage of a gallstone through the wall of the gallbladder into the duodenum is reported. The patient was successfully treated by removal of the gallstone. A review of literature concerning the diagnosis, treatment and etiopathogenesis is presented.