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We describe 2 bat-transmitted outbreaks in remote, rural areas of Portel and Viseu Municipalities, Pará State, northern Brazil. Central nervous system specimens were taken after patients' deaths and underwent immunofluorescent assay and histopathologic examination for rabies antigens; also, specimens were injected intracerebrally into suckling mice in an(More)
Rabies in wild canids in Northeastern Brazil is frequent and has been reported for some time, with episodes of rabies transmission from these animals to humans also reported. In this study, we analyzed the antigenic and genetic profiles of the rabies virus nucleoprotein gene, isolated from 20 samples taken from domestic animals and wild canids located in(More)
The Ministry of Health's National Human Rabies Control Program advocates pre-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for professionals involved with animals that are at risk of contracting rabies. We report an antemortem and postmortem diagnosis of rabies in a veterinarian who became infected when handling herbivores with rabies. The antemortem diagnosis was carried out(More)
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