Marcelo Y. Wada

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We describe 2 bat-transmitted outbreaks in remote, rural areas of Portel and Viseu Municipalities, Pará State, northern Brazil. Central nervous system specimens were taken after patients' deaths and underwent immunofluorescent assay and histopathologic examination for rabies antigens; also, specimens were injected intracerebrally into suckling mice in an(More)
Water was the suspected vehicle of Toxoplasma gondii dissemination in a toxoplasmosis outbreak in Brazil. A case-control study and geographic mapping of cases were performed. T. gondii was isolated directly from the implicated water and genotyped as SAG 2 type I.
The nature of the chiasma as a cytological parameter for analysing cross-over was reexamined quantitatively by an improved chiasma graph method. It was reconfirmed in Mus platythrix (n =13) that interstitial chiasmata at diakinesis are distributed randomly and almost uniformly along bivalents except for the centromere and telomere regions. The size of these(More)
Some basic concepts of chiasma (including chiasma distribution, chiasma frequency, interstitial and terminal chiasmata, and chiasma interference) are reexamined theoretically in the light of gene shuffling, and a new method for chiasma analysis termed the chiasma graph is proposed. Chiasma graphs are developed for three mammals with greatly different(More)
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